02nd May 2012
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25th April 2012
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24th April 2012


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18th April 2012


Y’all know we dig that ingenious assexual hyperfemininity


The titz and glitz of Backwoods Barbie

Dolly Parton latest inductee to the League of Legendary Ladies

Sheroes will be presenting their latest event, Sheroes #9: Dolly Parton, on Thursday, April 26 at The Beaver (1192 Queen Street West).

The monthly, limited-run art party series — which brings together on and offline works that playfully and peformatively explore the iconography and fan culture surrounding the League of Legendary Ladies — will be headlined by singer/songwriter Ada Dahli of the Toronto urban folk collective Fedora Upside-Down.

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I love me some Andrew Benson brillance.

The quote, in full:

"I’m so amazed at how much conversation Dolly is generating. I’ve long admired her as someone who has taken total ownership of her image. There is no joke you can make about her that she didn’t already make herself. She has been enormously successful as a woman in a very male-dominated niche (country western!!!), and has crafted an ingenious asexual hyperfemininity that she deploys with wit and cool-headedness and power.”

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17th April 2012

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